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CBS Action Series

  • Airing!

    Friday 1 August 2014
    o 15:00

    Series 4, Episode 17


    Classic western series with that killer theme. Joe Cartwright is in the barber shop when vain outlaw Duke Miller guns down Carlos Rodriguez... S4 Ep17/34

  • Airing!

    Saturday 2 August 2014
    o 01:05

    Series 8, Episode 2


    Classic comedy drama set in a cosy Boston bar where everybody knows your name. Rebecca enjoys a millionaires lifestyle with her latest squeeze, while Sam realises he has feelings for her.

  • Airing!

    Friday 1 August 2014
    o 21:00

    Series 4, Episode 3


    Investigators from the Las Vegas Police Department unravel clues to solve brutal murders. A woman is found mummified in her closet, but her death appears to be unintentional. S4 Ep3/23