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Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Genre: Series / Drama

Series 3, Episode 22: Jeopardy

Former marine Gibbs now leads a tough team as part of the NCIS Major Case Response Team. A complex case for the team after a suspect dies in custody. S3 Ep22/24

Cast: Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, David McCallum

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From Hawaii Five-O To NCIS - Top Cop Drama This June On CBS Action

Posted in: Features, Sunday 1st Jun 2014

Hawaii Five-O - Season 6
Weekdays 7pm and 2pm episodes 13- 24

Hawaii Five-O is a classic American police drama filmed entirely on location in Hawaii with Jack Lord portraying Detective Lieutenant Steve McGarrett, the head of an elite state police unit, Hawaii Five- O who investigate organised crime, murder assassination attempts, foreign agents and felonies of every type.

In Season 6, the team tackle such complex cases as trying to unravel a complicated web of relationships surrounding a macabre lottery based on the projected hour of a gambler's death and the case of a stylish jewel thief and ma... read more