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Star Trek: The Next Generation

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S.O.F. - Special Ops Force

Airing Sunday 2nd August @ 20:00

S.O.F. - Special Ops Force

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Airing Sunday 2nd August @ 11:00

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Harper's Island

Airing Sunday 2nd August @ 21:00

Harper's Island


Airing Monday 3rd August @ 13:00


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Walker, Texas Ranger

Tonight on CBS Action @ 22:00

Genre: Series / Action

Series 2, Episode 8: The Road to Black Bayou (2)

Chuck Norris fights crime and helps the community as the eponymous Walker. C.D., Trivette, and Walker stumble on a drug operation while on a fishing trip.

Cast: Chuck Norris, Clarence Gilyard Jr., Sheree J Wilson

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Angel and the Bad Man

Airing Sunday 9 August 2015 @ 18:00

Legend of Butch and Sundance

Airing Sunday 16 August 2015 @ 18:00

Dr Quinn: The Movie

Airing Sunday 23 August 2015 @ 18:00

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Unmissable MacGyver Seasons 4 And 5 Coming Soon

Posted in: Features, Wednesday 22nd Jul 2015

MacGyver is a cult hero and role model who applies his scientific knowledge to ordinary items to create for himself and others a means of escape from impending doom. Who needs guns when you've got brains like MacGyver?!

Seasons 4 and 5 are coming to CBS Action during August and this time we see MacGyver return to his hometown to find himself haunted by the memories of a fatal shooting accident when he was a child.

While he’s there, he helps two teenagers battle the local drug dealers. We also see him go into the wilderness to hone his survival skills... read more