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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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Walker, Texas Ranger

Bad Girls

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Bad Girls


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Series 4, Episode 16: The Colonel

The classic western that is as fresh today as it ever was. Bens friend Frank Medford is a chronic liar. When he comes to town he starts exaggerating...

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Gunsmoke: The Last Apache

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Unmissable Season 6 Of CSI In November

Posted in: Features, Tuesday 27th Oct 2015

While the last episodes of CSI are being aired across the world, die-hard fans of the most watched and longest running series in TV history, can fear not. CBS Action will stop those withdrawal symptoms, as we are still not even half way through the run!

Warning, plot spoilers ahead!

In episode 13 entitled Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye, legendary actress Faye Dunaway plays a diva called Lois O’Neill, who was related to the mafia scene years ago. Lois hosts a big party for old time sake and while upstairs in her bedroom, a waiter is shot and killed. The CSI investigates the case, ... read more