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Star Trek - The Next Generation

Season 6


Series 4


From 9 December

Pick of the Week

S.O.F. - Special Ops Force

Airing Thursday 18th December @ 22:00

S.O.F. - Special Ops Force

Star Trek - The Original Series

Airing Thursday 18th December @ 12:00

Star Trek - The Original Series


Airing Sunday 21st December @ 18:00


Walker, Texas Ranger

Airing Saturday 20th December @ 18:00

Walker, Texas Ranger

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Sophie Tobin Book Of The Month Competition

Win a signed copy of The Silversmith's Wife!

Sophie Tobin’s superb debut novel has finally arrived in paperback and is everything the critics said it was. This stunning book, hailed by Sophie Hannah as “A dense, intricate historical thriller in the tradition of Hilary Mantel”, is so good it’s the CBS Action Book of the Month for December and we have 10 signed copies up for grabs. To be in with a chance all you need to do is answer a simple question.

Tonight at Prime Time

Nash Bridges

Tonight on CBS Action @ 19:00

Genre: Series / Action

Series 2, Episode 6: 25 Hours Of Christmas

The high-action exploits of San Francisco police officer Nash Bridges. The SIU are trapped at the office on Christmas Eve, as they finish wrapping up a murder investigation. S2 Ep6/18

Latest news

Sleepless Night - Die Hard Meets 24 With Added Taken!

Posted in: News, Monday 15th Dec 2014

Anyone who likes Die Hard or Taken (so, pretty much everyone, then) will get a big kick out of Sleepless Night, a single-location action-spectacular that redefines the genre that’s coming to DVD on January 15th thanks to Icon Film Distribution.

An original plot - that puts a new twist on corrupt cops, kidnapped kids and missing drugs - results in an edge-of-the-seat race-against-time thriller.

Vincent (Tomer Sisley) is a cop with connections a vicious criminal underworld. He and his partner steal a batch of cocaine from a powerful drug baron, but Vincent is identified in the heist. The gang... read more