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Harper's Island

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From 13th September

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Harper's Island

Airing Sunday 30th August @ 21:00

Harper's Island

Walker, Texas Ranger

Airing Sunday 30th August @ 22:00

Walker, Texas Ranger

S.O.F. - Special Ops Force

Airing Sunday 30th August @ 20:00

S.O.F. - Special Ops Force

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S.O.F. - Special Ops Force

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Genre: Series / Action

Series 2, Episode 2: Whos Who

An elite crime fighting group combines non-lethal weaponry and special operations capabilities which enable them to go places and perform tasks above and beyond ordinary law enforcement.

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Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial By...

Airing Sunday 6 September 2015 @ 18:00

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Unmissable Hack Season 2 Continues In September

Posted in: Features, Sunday 23rd Aug 2015

Mike Olshanky is your average Philadelphia cab driver ferrying passengers around town in order to make ends meet. At least, that’s what he’d like you to believe. Behind this perfectly acceptable guise is the story of a former cop charged with corruption and stripped of his badge, his family and his pride.

This time round Mike attempts to return the cell phone, which a stripper named Molly leaves in his cab and discovers that she's disappeared. He sets out to find her for the sake of Quinn her twelve year old daughter.

Hack Season 2 continues at 12.55am during September on CBS Actionread more